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stock market forecast
stock market forecast


Feedback from our fans

stock market forecast
stock market forecaststock market forecast

This app works if you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t trade for you and does not tells you how to trade, YOU as a trader has to do your due diligence. This app works when you look at a chart to see if the alert you’re being given is in sync with the trend if the stock. Is it worth the price? ...


Jun 21, 2021

stock market forecaststock market forecast

This is legit and I'm loving it. Thank you. For those of you saying some have gone down, duh not everything is a winner. Trading is a game of volatility. Do your homework and choose the tickers that call out to you and seem promising. Act quick cut your losses quickly and stack it up.

Will Dyer

February 19, 2021


Word on the street

Most brokers focus their marketing by selling investors the dream or the myth of ...

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Springbox AI Bolsters Your Trades With Its Affordable Financial Insights App.

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How to use Springbox AI

stock market forecaststock market forecast
How to use Springbox


View Springbox stock recommendation

The AI scans and recommend the expected winners, in this case, UBER is a recommended Buy.

How to use Springbox


View Stock overview

Springbox AI provides you with all the relevant market indicators regarding the recommended stock. All the relevant information is available at a glance, and is easy to read and understand.

How to use Springbox


Follow recommendation

The app uses advanced AI algorithms to provide trading signals and recommend actions regarding your chosen stock. In this instance, it recommends you log the trade in your broker app and buy the Uber shares.

How to use Springbox


Explore the metrics

Further information is provided to app users including vital information like target price (TP), stop loss (SL) and expected profit and profitability metrics.


A daily trading plan

Springbox AI is the proprietary platform designed to assist you in your daily trading plan with live AI-powered signals.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to make consistent and regular profits with clarity and increased accuracy.

stock market forecast
trade dashboard
stock market forecast


Our Discord community

All users gain access to our exclusive community server on Discord. This is the place where you connect with other uers, chit chat about everything investements related, get access to cool podcasts and clubhouse drop ins, let’s connect!


The Algorithm

To do that we use advanced algorithms able to identify high market patterns profitability, so that you can take full advantage of any trading opportunity.

It’s the same AI technology used at institutional level, now made available to all investors. It’s forecasting analysis, done in an intelligent, cost-effective & democratic manner.

stock market forecast
trade dashboard
stock market forecast


The Dashboard

You get access to our financial dashboard for trading forecasts, live markets data, analysis and assistance, set your watchlist and get the notifications that matter to you.

This means that whether you trade in stocks, forex, commodities or ETFs, we bring clarity and real-time insight to your potential choices.

Get unlimited access and start making profits at a democratic price. Cancel anytime.

stock market forecast


Why choose Springbox AI

stock market forecast
stock market forecaststock market forecaststock market forecaststock market forecast
How to use Springbox


Clear buy and sell signals, transparent and in real-time, ensure you never miss an opportunity to make profits. Receive mobile notifications prompting you to take action, get busy earning.

How to use Springbox


The stock market can be volatile, with Springbox smart signals, we ensure you are able to leverage the volatility for maximum profit.

How to use Springbox

Live Market

Market patterns profitability at your fingertips! Our AI scans the top 10 assets to buy and sell at all times, so you don't have to, simple hey?

How to use Springbox

A Democratic

At Springbox we believe you deserve access to the same tech and next-generation AI used by big corporations, we are all for decentralisation and community, we are better together.

How to use Springbox

High Accuracy

Our goal is to bring transparency, predictability, and accuracy to your trading game, resulting in more profit, more frequently.

How to use Springbox


The world of investments is complicated enough, our app does not need to be. A clean, easy to understand 4 step process that ensures you trade profitably.